The Araca Project

Fostering and emboldening young artists

About The Araca Project The objective of The Araca Project is to foster the emerging artist’s entrepreneurial spirit. Selected artists will be offered an opportunity to produce their work in an Off-Broadway venue. The goal is to give artists a pride of ownership in their careers by providing a forum which both manifests their artistic visions as well as galvanizes classroom theory with real-world action. By founding The Araca Project, The Araca Group joins Syracuse University, The University of Michigan, Northwestern Universtiy, Florida State University and Yale University in their commitment to early career development. Candidates for The Araca Project are graduates of the classes of 2005-2015. In June 2015, selected works will advance to a week long Producing Intensive, where artists will participate in workshops in such areas as general management, publicity, press, marketing, and production management. The Producing Intensive will culminate during the fall of 2015, when the selected artists will produce their work at The American Theatre for Actors in New York City. For applications, archives and more information please click here.

Through The Araca Project, artists will take initiative and assume the responsibility of a producer, including: securing production rights from an author; casting; rehearsing; assembling design elements; raising capital; engaging a creative team; loading in and out a physical production; budgeting; marketing; and maintaining a box office/ticketing system.

By giving artists the opportunity to take on the full artistic and fiscal responsibilities of producing their work Off-Broadway, The Araca Project will endeavor to embolden these artists to recognize the power of the entrepreneurial spirit in shaping one’s artistic destiny.

The 2011 Inaugural Araca Project season included:  

  • Pluck the Day (Sept. 8-18) by Steven Walters; produced by Lucy Sheftall and Danny Skinner;

  • The Tramaine Experience (Sept. 22-Oct. 2) by Tramaine Montell Ford; produced by Ford, Gette Levy, Evan McGee and Rainey Cruz;

  • Peter and I (Oct. 6-16) by Matte O’Brien and Matt Vinson; produced by Alex Alcheh, Emily Batsford, Justin Nichols and Patrick Murney; and

  • The Odyssey (Oct. 20-30), with music by Dimitri Landrain and book by Matt Britten; produced by Peter Dagger and Matt Britten.