Product Development

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Design & Development

Araca captures the magic of live theatrical experience by designing and creating apparel, memorabilia and specialized items that embody unique and electrifying moments. Our creative in-house design team specializes in creating hip, sexy and fashionable apparel that start conversations, creating talk value outside the theatrical venue.

Apparel Production

Araca’s apparel production includes Fashion Forward, a hip, sexy, stylish line of products that live on as fashion favorites. Fad or not, the earth is what we’ve got — and our Eco-Friendly line shows a concern for the environment that’s appealing to a lot of people.

Screen Printing

Outstanding imagery, creative presentation and vibrant branding. We deliver the best in high-performance textile screen printing utilizing multiple automatic printing machines with up to 16 color capabilities. Specialty inks, applications, placements and techniques include:

  • Foil: Draws shimmering attention
  • Flocking: Adds additional texture
  • Photo Realistic Print: Transfers photographic image with stunning clarity
  • Liquid Metal: Creates the appearance of 3D metallic elements
  • Gels, Shimmer Inks, and other Special Processes: Achieves a fresh look


Our embroidery specialists use the latest digitizing technology to ensure your logo or design has the most depth and dimension. We use only the best quality threads with the most vibrant colors. In addition to your logo embroidered on polo shirts, caps and jackets, we can produce embroidered golf towels, backpacks and tote bags – almost anyplace you want to brand to go to the next level.

Product Sourcing

Leave it to Araca to find the perfect garment, accessory, gift or promotional item to make your business a standout. Through our global network of vendors and extensive research, including site visits to facilities, our manufacturing chain allows us to meet demanding quality and efficiency standards.